Isfj Personality Essay

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I think overall the test was very accurate in describing my personality type. I am a nurturer, kind-hearted, and want to believe the best in people. The portrait of ISFJ’s was spot on, however, I disagree with some of the relationship weaknesses. They described my personality to be very emotionally needy, with a difficult time leaving a bad relationship, or moving on from an ended relationship. I have to disagree with this because I feel I am the type of person that once you lose my trust in a relationship, I am done with trying to make that relationship work. Once I have something against a person, it’s hard for me to over-look the issue, and just keep staying in the relationship. I am very independent and don’t rely much on others for my…show more content…
I also find this to be true in my personal life because I enjoy helping my family and my husband in making their lives easier, even if it’s just small acts of service, like making dinner after a long day of work. One weakness that I have always struggled with and that the test revealed to me is the fact that I am unlikely to express my needs or feelings to others, which in turn, causes pent up anger or frustrations. This can limit my success in life because I am more likely to forget about my personal feelings and need to be happy. I tend to bottle up my feelings until one day I just can’t take anymore and I explode into a bunch of overwhelming emotions. I have been working on this for years and I am making progress to overcome showing my hidden feelings. I try to be honest with people if a certain situation arises and tell them how it makes me feel. I have come to realize that keeping things inside isn’t healthy and not fair to my happiness and well-being. This assignment was very helpful to me to see where adjustments can be made in my life to help me become more successful and to have a better understanding of myself and why I am the way I