Personal Statement On Self Expression

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To know yourself, you must truly dig deep within you to find out what you are made of. An individual can learn a lot about himself or herself through evaluating their life based on the leisure definition. My three major roles in my life are a loving daughter/sister, dedicated student and a competitive athlete. Leisure is defined as, the experience of living a moment of positive self-expression (Pavelka, 2000). Based on the definition, it can be split into three components, which are, the experience, living in the moment, and a positive self-expression. My first major self-image in this process is a loving daughter/sister. Everyday is something new with my siblings, whether it would be one, got an amazing job promotion or the other one is just calling to see how everything is going. Another one of life’s precious moments is when my family comes together and just experiences being together. Furthermore, I also experience the satisfaction of cleaning the house and not allowing my mother to do anything house related every week. It brings me joy knowing I did something for her that helps her not stress out. In addition, being in the moment is always what happens when we get together to see each other over dinner and to hang out one night. Everyone is so engrossed in the topics covered that no one seems to bring up anything that is not related to us. This role ties in with three major readings that we have read throughout the semester which are by Saleebey, McGonigal and Irvine. Saleebey states that, there are six principles of a strengths perspective. The three main ones that tie to my family are every individual, family and community has strengths, every environment is fully of resources, and lastly caring, caretaking and context. E... ... middle of paper ... ...ou in the long run. Referring to image number four of a photograph of myself in two different years playing basketball. It ties in with the quote since my younger years; I put so much effort into basketball and competing to be able to play with a travel team. Not everyone understands the obstacles an athlete has to go through to become someone that they want to be. Everyone have a mindset of how life should be but everyone should understand that drive and determination helps you overcome any barrier present. In conclusion, this course has taught me a lot about myself, and how to value everything I do in my life. Whether I am a loving daughter/sister, dedicated student or competitive athlete or a hard-working employee, it all means that I am truly accomplishing a great deal in my life. It helped me better my relationships and truly enjoy doing what I do every day.
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