What Is The Wooden Award?

The gym is full of people; the stands are so full that they overflow onto the edge of the court and out the doorway. The shrieks and screeches cry out from the crowd’s cheers. The ball crashes through the net, as they jump popcorn flies. The home team hit a three-point shot; they are winning with only a few seconds left. In these few seconds, the coach looks around. He realizes why he does what he does. At this point, none of the labor, time, and effort matters. The only thing that matters is the win, seeing his team succeed; watching a team grow is unlike any other feeling. In order to understand that feeling, one first has to appreciate the game: the rules and regulations, the legends that have played and coached, the development of the game,…show more content…
In his sophomore year, he was considered the college player of the year. His junior year was even better, along with maintaining his previous title; he received both the Naismith and Wooden awards (“Jordan Bio”). Both of these awards are similar to the college player of the year award. The Wooden award is named after Coach John Wooden. The design of the trophy is based upon his “ideas of the total basketball player.” ("About"). It displays five players, each of which are representing a different aspect of a total player. These aspects include rebounding, passing, playing defense, shooting, and dribbling. These are the five major skills a basketball player must have according to Wooden ("About"). The other award, which Air Jordan won, was the Naismith. The Naismith award sets out to recognize the accomplishments of individuals relating to basketball, whether it is high school or college athletes, coaches, or even referees ("History: Naismith…show more content…
He was about to live the dream that so many players hope for. This was a man who was cut from his high school team, but that didn’t stop him from being the third overall pick in 1984, it didn’t stop him from winning two gold medals in the Olympics, and it surely didn’t stop him from changing the game so much. Jordan would go one to play 13 remarkable seasons; he would lead the Chicago Bulls to their first NBA championships. Along with that win, he also won five other championships. MJ was an overall great player, when teams shut down his drives, he would shoot. When they shut the shots down, he would drive. Jordan’s biggest weapon could have been his well-rounded personality, but truly, it was his ability to adapt and improve. He is one of 50 greatest players of all time, in the basketball hall of fame, and won the NBA MVP title twice (Jordan Bio).His style, his skills, his swagger; it is what captivated the crowd and what made him so popular. When he shot the ball, glimpse of his tongue was visible to all, young players today do this, but it was not very common until after he started playing (Jordan Bio). He also pioneered longer shorts and a baldhead. He created so many trends that made him unique. More and more people would come to watch Jordan play, even if they were not Chicago’s fans, they were his fans. He also mesmerized other stars. Magic Johnson can be quoted saying, "There 's Michael Jordan and then there is the

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