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A. Introduction The purpose of therapeutic recreation is to enable all individuals to achieve quality of life and optimal health through meaningful experiences in recreation and leisure. In this paper the definition of therapeutic recreation will be discussed as well as what should be included in the definition and what should be rejected. This definition will mainly focus on health and use the Health Promotion Model to further explain my choice to focus on health and well-being. I will also be discussing the importance of inclusion in therapeutic recreation for different learning styles in many environments, and the significance of diversity in the community and what we hope to achieve by being fully inclusive. B. Defining Therapeutic Recreation …show more content…

Health and well-being are consistently brought up on the purposes of therapeutic recreation. Traditionally, health has been defined as the absence of organic and mental disease along with relative freedom from chronic pain and discomfort ( ). More recently, in the practice of therapeutic recreation, definitions on health have emphasized the whole person and state of optimal performance, rather than just the absence of disease and discomfort. There is now a greater recognition of the integrity of the body and mind, the role of the person’s environment in contributing with disease and health, and the importance of promoting healthful living ( ). Health is a determinant of quality of life yet the quality of one’s life, financial resources, access to care, self-enrichment opportunities, and social support, also influences ones …show more content…

Paradigms of Well-being and Models a. The model that I think best coincides with my definition is the Health Protection/ Promotion Model. This model assists people to recover following threats to health, and to achieve the highest level of health possible. Health promotion model believes that leisure, particularly perceived freedom, intrinsic motivation, and self-determination are key factors in health. This model has a humanistic perspective which means that it views people as capable of change and responsible for their health. It emphasizes an individual’s inherent drive towards self-actualization and creativity. The health promotion model concentrates on the purposeful nature of therapeutic recreation, perceived control and freedom, and self-determination. It views actualization tendencies as a means to stimulate growth and movement to wellness. Wellness occurs when a person’s physical, psychological, and environmental functioning leads to self-actualization. It believes health is an intricate state in which individuals are coping with change and growing and developing. This model uses perspective activities as well as recreation and leisure to promote and protect the health of others. Perspective refers to a person 's outlook or way of viewing something. When using this technique, they provide them with a simple definition and explanation then further

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