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Social Work Foundation and Advanced Field Experience My perspective about social work profession and career interests have been evolving and gaining more depth since I entered the MSW program. I would like to contribute to the betterment of lives of the disadvantageous or marginalized individuals, and I am confident that graduating from the UTSA MSW program will enable me to apply my knowledge to culturally competent practice. It was my career in teaching that directed me through the years of my professional experience toward social work. I recall many instances when I felt helpless because of the limitation of my resources and abilities when confronted with my students’ problems or questions. Along with expanding my intellectual horizons,…show more content…
In particular, I am mastering applying social work ethical principles to guide professional practice, as well as critical thinking to inform professional judgments, and engage diversity and difference in practice. In addition, my field supervisor and I often engage in discussions on ethical dilemmas in long-term care settings, and how important it is for social workers to serve as residents’ advocates and liaisons between public and private agencies. I pay special attention to developmental tasks associated with later adulthood and very old age stages of human development. Focus on accepting one’s life, redirecting energy toward new roles and activities, and developing a point of view about death are typical for late adulthood, while coping with physical changes of aging is one of the developmental tasks associated with very old age. The psychosocial crises evolve around integrity versus despair and can be resolved through introspection and around immortality versus extinction that can be resolved through social…show more content…
Service provision requires a unique combination of physical, psychological, and social interventions and family support, the goal of which is to promote an optimal level of psychological, physical, and social functioning. In general, verbalizing and reaching for specific feelings, as well as reaching for meaning of experiences and providing relevant information, are some of the social work skills I have been utilizing most

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