Social Work Code Of Ethics Analysis

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Social Work is a profession that is committed to the promotion, restoration, maintenance, and enhancement of social functioning. Its focus is to work with individuals, groups, and communities, in helping them use the resources within themselves and the environment to cope more effectively with their problems. At its most basic level, social work is about promoting the general welfare of society by representing those who are most vulnerable. Providing social services can sometimes be a difficult task, wrought with ethical uncertainties and challenges. The Social Work Code of Ethics helps social workers navigate these challenges throughout their careers and provide a framework for the principles and standards a social worker must uphold.
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As the social worker, I would apply social work ethical principles to guide my professional practice by making sure that am knowledgeable of the liability and standard/duty of care issues as stated in the NASW Code of Ethics, be able to articulate and demonstrate social values, ethics, and principles, open to being challenged on the values and beliefs; have the ability to manage conflict regarding ethical issues, being able to reflect understanding of how to integrate ethics into practice, and recognize my personal values in a way that would allow my professional values to guide my practice (NASW, 2015).
As a professional one must practice personal reflection and self-correction to assure continual professional development. As the social worker, I would identify my areas of strength as well as areas where improvement is needed, seek and act on corrective feedback from my supervisor or mentors, establish effective working relationships with clients and peers, and seek to resolve identified problems with performance of professional responsibilities. I would also make sure I practice within my area of competence by developing and enhancing my professional
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