Personal Statement: A Career As A Pediatric Nurse

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Kids aren’t like adults, their bodies are growing and changing constantly and require specific knowledge to understand. I find it interesting learning about children’s mindsets and how their bodies are different from adults. I have always had a passion for working with kids and anytime that I have gotten an opportunity to be around kids and working with them I take it. I love being able to help kids feel better and to see them develop physically and mentally throughout time. Seeing a kids’ reaction to learning something new or feeling better is a highlight to my day which is why I chose to pursue my career in pediatrics as a pediatric nurse. Pediatric nurses see different patients and experience new things almost every day so nurses will never …show more content…

While acquiring your degree, you will need to become a licensed nurse and eventually pass your RN to become a registered nurse. After you’ve taken the NCLEX-RN licensing exam, you can start to go into programs for pediatrics to help you gain knowledge in working with adolescents rather than just adults. For UCLA, attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing is one of the requirements for attaining your goals of becoming a nurse. Once you successfully complete your Bachelor of Science degree you can go into the masters program to continue more in depth study of the duties of a nurse. I will have to take courses such as chemistry, psychology, microbiology, and varying nursing courses. The nursing program and out-of-state tuition in total will be $38,183.74. In order to pay for my education in nursing, I am aiming for an athletic scholarship in volleyball and help from my parents. If I do not play college level volleyball, then I will have to work throughout college part-time while

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