Personal Statement: A Career As A Pediatric Oncology Nurse

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Every kid thinks they know what they want to be when they grow up. It changes over the years though. When I was around seven years old I wanted to be a pop star. This dream was based on a disney channel show called hannah montana, about a teen girl who lives a double life as a pop star. When I was around ten years old I wanted to be an actor on a sit com. Then I discovered basketball. I started playing all the time. I had “hoop dreams” as one would say. I wanted to be a WNBA player. That's what I said when anybody asked. By 9th grade reality caught up to me and I lost touch of that dream. Being a WNBA player would be almost impossible for me. So would playing basketball in college, but I still want to pursue it. I realized I was way behind in terms of basketball skills compared to other girls in the 2018 class. I adopted a love for biology and math. Those tie into what my real dream is. …show more content…

A pediatric oncology nurse is who administers chemotherapy for children with cancer. Some may wonder, why would you want to work with children who have cancer? Wouldn't that be depressing? It would be depressing at times, but I would try my absolute best to make the treatment easy for the child and their family. Most nurses who give kids chemo just go through a routine. I would try to form a relationship with the child and help them through the emotional stress of their treatment. Although cancer is a very sensitive and sad topic, I find the scientific and medical standpoint of it very

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