Essay On Pediatric Nursing

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Nursing is a profession or practice of providing care for the sick. A registered nurse is a nurse who has completed nursing school and met the requirements to further their nursing degree. A pediatric nurse is a nurse who takes care of infants and children. "Pediatric nursing is a challenging and rewarding career"(
Nursing has been around for centuries, but has adapted dramatically over the years. Around the year 300 A.D, the Roman Empire placed hospitals in towns that were under its rule. Nursing came to be more important in the 1850s. Nurses were needed all the time, but in the 1850’s needed on the front lines at the Crimean war and Civil war. Nurses were needed at the war zone to help care for the sick and wounded soldiers. A lady
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Pediatric nurses can take blood and urine samples, perform physical examinations, and measures vital statistic. They can also take other diagnostic tests, but that is just a few listed above. Parents normally prefer their child to see a nurse who is specialized in pediatric nursing. Children are different, because they react differently to injuries illnesses and medication. Their bodies are still growing and changing. Pediatric nurses are better equipped to handle the situation because they have the skills and knowledge on how to help the child or infant (
In order to become a Pediatric nurse one must graduate from nursing school. Nursing school can be either at a college, university, or hospital; with either an Associates or bachelors degree in nursing ( Then one must pass the exam which is called NCLEX to be a licensed registered nurse. Then he or she can go on to find a place to work, such as, a hospital clinic, doctors office, emergency room, private practice, or even a school
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My mother has been in this field for 30 years; she takes care of women’s health from the on set of menses, through child bearing to menopause. One of the similarities to a Pediatric nurse is that she gets to follow the growth and development of the baby. She is caring for mom and baby for thirty-eight to forty weeks gestation. The most rewarding part for her is to hand the mother a healthy baby. The most challenging part is when the mother is not able to conceive or fails to carry full term. One of my mother’s favorite stories is when an infertility patient tried numerous times to conceive without success. They tried one more cycle with intrauterine insemination with husband’s sperm and in four weeks they had a positive pregnancy test. They followed the patient through 8 months of pregnancy and she delivered a healthy baby
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