Personal Reflection Essay: My Overall Personality

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My Overall Personality While taking this course I have learned so much about myself, mainly pertaining to my own personality. I have learned what my stressors are in life and how I tend to cope with these stressors. Being able to understand my own personality structures and how they affect how I think, feel, and behave has been extremely beneficial. I have also learned that I should not be so hard on myself because no one is perfect, and everyone has areas where improvements are needed. Learning exactly where my improvements are needed and how I can improve those imperfections will be extremely helpful for my future in order to grow as an individual. After completing my seven days of surveys to better understand how I cope with stressful events, what I tend to categorize as stressful events, and my overall…show more content…
Being high in extroversion as well as being emotionally stable are two big factors in determining how I operate. Being an individual who is: moderately high in BAS, who is very low in rejection sensitivity, is more performance goal oriented than learning goal oriented, and has a majority or intrinsic goals all combine to make me who I am. Because I am high in extroversion this explains a lot of my behavior, for example, why I would rather go hang out with my friends on the weekends than stay at home reading a book. It explains why I would rather study in more stimulating environments than studying by myself in a quiet room. I believe that my extroversion trait and the fact that I am low in rejection sensitivity correlate with one another. Since I am willing to do more risky things and be more outgoing, there is more opportunity for others to judge me for the things that I do. I have become aware of this over the years and realized that what makes me happy and what I choose to do is my business and I do not let others’ opinions influence my happiness or my
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