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In the day to day life, experiences and connections are made. Many things that occur in one’s life can all stem from their individual personality, but interpreting how one’s personality guides their life presents a difficult challenge. Many actions, quirks, and patterns that a person has are easily noted due to the ability to see it, but the puppeteer behind these habits is an individual’s personality. A certain personality type can affect the perception of certain events and the reactions/feelings to certain outcomes. While one person might see a situation as dreadful, another may see it entirely different. We tend to find ourselves side by side with people we see similarities between due to a parallel in certain traits, but no two individuals are exactly the same based on differences in personality. Success is hinged on many things and one of those things is the development of self-awareness. To know oneself is key to tackling on intimidating tasks and situations, but to also grow in terms of knowledge and synergy. In my attempt to …show more content…

In terms of my personality result, INFJ, I agree with many of the traits that are unique to this personality type. Comments such as being an introverted extrovert made me realize how dead on my Myers-Briggs personality result was. I have always been an introvert my entire life and have cared for the feelings of others. Seeing how certain traits seemed to shine through in my Myers-Briggs personality description added a great deal of credibility to the test. I have always been called a perfectionist and overachiever, but never knew how those traits correlated to me being exhausted in certain situations. My personality result was able to show how my drive to improve was also a reason why I am constantly frustrated in times of difficulty. My personality result will be a major tool in achieving success in

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