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Ever since I started high school here at Seaman High, I have been taught how to write an essay one certain way. In high school, we were provided with outlines that helped us write sentence by sentence, and the teacher explained thoroughly what was to be written. When I started EN101, I was expecting the class to be difficult because of the fact that many people had told me that college writing was so much more different and complex than high school writing. I expected that I would have to completely alter the way that I was taught to write; in fact, I did have to alter the way that I was previously writing because I was writing at a high school level and little effort was put into my past essays. This is something that would not pass in college…show more content…
I had previously learned and used the writing process and I have come to find it very useful, especially this semester in EN101. It has helped me because I tend to ramble in my writing when I am passionate about a topic; furthermore, the writing process helps me organize my thoughts and formulate my essay before I actually write it. Another tip that was learned in EN101 is to always do edits and revisions. Something that I have learned about myself as a writer is that when I have a lot to say on a subject, I tend to go overboard to the point where my essay does not make sense. To fix that, I always have to reread what my essay says and make sure that the reader will understand it. The revision process has improved my writing because the very first time I edited and revised my essay in this class, I caught many errors that would be points counted off if I had not caught them. Now, I am able to check for those errors that I know I am making and fix them as I am writing so there will be fewer errors to correct when I revise and edit. These strategies help a me make my papers better because while writing, I don’t always see the mistakes that I am making. Doing edits and revisions help me see these mistakes and I will use these strategies in college because it is a tactic that does not take long, but it goes a long
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