Personal Narrative: The Role of Ego Boosters and Ego Busters in My Life

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Ego Boosters and Ego Busters play a major role in determining who we are as human beings. Humans learn who they are and how to act by feedback from their peer groups and significant others. Ego boosters from the people who we respect help identify who we are as a person. Ego boosters can also help raise self-esteem and self-concept. Ego Busters can have a negative effect on self-concept because people do not like being told they are not good enough or that they should change in some way. This can give people a low self-concept. It can make people see themselves in a negative way. An ego booster in my life is named Pastor Frank. When I was moving out of town and driving there my care broke down leaving me, my fiancé and my daughter stranded with no where to go. Pastor Frank was only there to get gas for his van and graciously came over to see if we need help. My fiancé was trying to fix what was wrong with our car while I was tending to the baby when he came over. He asked us if we needed help and we said yes. Pastor Frank took us to a hotel because he saw how I was getting sunburn along with the baby, so he helped us get our stuff that we needed and took us to a hotel for the night. We were stranded from 9:00am on a Friday until about 8:00pm Saturday evening. Also, one lady just walked up to us and gave us twenty dollars to help us out and another lady gave us a ride to the store to get the parts we needed for the car and also bought Emma formula. Pastor Frank saw how much in distress we were and he saw how we didn’t have any money so he willingly paid for the five star hotel room with the money from his churches budget and we were so thankful to get out of the heat and hot sun. He gave us twenty dollars for food and said goodbye... ... middle of paper ... ...l, our self-concept is multi-dimensional. We have three ways of perceiving ourselves, the private me, the ideal me, and the public me. The private me, is the way that we believe ourselves to be. The ideal me, is how you desire yourself, who you wish you were. Lastly, there is the public me, the way that we present ourselves in public, the face that we try to show others. Ego boosters and Ego busters affect us in everyway possible and affect the way we perceive ourselves to the world we live in. As long as you are alive and your mind functions in and through the body, ego will arise and exist. This ego or pride is not permanent and unquestionable reality. It is a temporary experience; it is only lack of knowledge that invests it with permanency. It is a concept; it is lack of knowledge that elevates it to status of reality. Only enlightenment can bring this wisdom.

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