Egoism And Ethical Egoism

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69. What Causes ‘State of Mind’ that manifests in ‘HUMAN MATERIALISM’ aka EGOISM? • Once more, the ordinary science’ proves itself as the master of classification, inventing and defining the various categories of Egoism. Per example, psychological egoism, which defines doctrine that an individual is always motivated by self-interest, then rational egoism which unquestionably advocates acting in self-interest. Ethical egoism as diametrically opposite of ethical altruism which obliges a moral agent to assist the other first, even if sacrifices own interest. Also, ethical egoism differs from both rational and psychological egoism in ‘defending’ doctrine which considers all actions with contributive beneficial effects for an acting individual Although, ‘modern’ age unsubtly supports swaggering egoistic behavior in the competitive arena such as international politics, commerce, and sport in another ‘traditional’ areas of the prideful selfishness showing off, to considerable extent discourages visible disobedience from the prevalent moral codes. In some cases, the open pro-egoist position, as was, per example, the ‘contextual’ interpretation of selfishness by famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, can be described as ‘grotesque anomaly’. He, probably through unconscious inner drive, effectively equalized two essentially opposite meanings in the following sentence segment “egoistic or LIFE-AFFIRMING behavior”!? (Helmut Schoeck, Quote from, ‘Der Neid’. Eine Theorie der Gesellschaft or in English, ‘Envy’. A Theory of Social Behavior, 1966, 1st English ed. “The greater and stronger dependence on opposite sex are, the greater is their EGOISM, and the more they are governed by that EGOISM in their relation to their own sex.” The correlation between One Pole Structure of a Living Being and EGOISM is overwhelmingly evident. Per example, for fully developed Double Poled Being completely FREED from EGOISM, the flaws such as infatuation, jealousy, and slander are unimaginable. Also, the Being cannot be a generator of heated conflicts, and, by all means, cannot commit crimes of passion. In Double Pole Beings the ability to ‘Fall in LOVE’, as the temporary climax of intensified feeling of sympathy, is replaced by THE LOVE. (Quote from “LOGIC’, chapter

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