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I was shaking not with fear or excitement There were a million butterflies in my stomach i barely worked on it and i had to present. We had about 2 weeks to complete though i completely forgot about it i hate presenting anyways but it was my turn up. In 4th grade i started to hate writing because we had to present everything so i barely worked on it i was a straight c student. Writing is something to jot down notes or ideas out of my head. Writing was something to do when i’m bored just to do something or if i have to go to bed i’ll just write or read instead.

My experiences with writing in 4th and 6th grade were very different. Around the 6th grade i started to like writing we didn’t or rarely presented and i also like that we wrote stories …show more content…

I could name a few strengths and weaknesses off the bat. A huge weakness i have is presenting in front of people a teacher may try to help me get over it but what just happens is i just start hating the teacher. Another weakness is writing historical fiction i’ll think for a few days then i’ll finally be writing to only realise that i’ve pretty much just been writing a fantasy for 4 days and can't go back. A strength i have is being able to write almost anything else other than historical fiction. A strength i have is i wouldn’t care if i had to write on paper or computer some people love paper or computer. Though i still find it easier on the computer since it doesn’t strain your hand as much typing. ANother weakness related to one a already have done is i don’t like people reading my work it’s pretty much a little less bad than presenting. One more weakness i have is i hate taking notes which could apply to many subjects other than literacy. And the last strength i could think of is my ability not to smash my computer or rip my paper into a million pieces. If i terribly mess up or just because is very hard not to completely just smash the

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they started to hate writing in 4th grade because they had to present everything. writing is something to jot down notes or ideas out of their head.
  • Explains their experiences with writing in 4th and 6th grade were very different. they hated literacy throughout 3-5 grade in, and had mrs.martin.
  • Narrates how they didn't like writing in fourth grade and sixth grade. they spent a lot of time on the biography on genghis kahn.
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