Personal Narrative: My Career In High School

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Over the course of my high school career I have grown in my reading and writing capabilities, as well as my overall performance as a student. In all of these different aspects I have mostly improved, however there are still some areas in which I struggle. My writing career in high school has seen improvement as well as struggle, and this year I hope to further my skills at writing. As far as my reading capabilities are concerned, I would consider myself a proficient reader who is able to comprehend a plot very easily. Also, my career as a student could be improved upon and I hope this year that I can improve on some qualities that I have previously lacked, such as organization.

Ever since I began my career as a student, the one assignment I have always dreaded most were essays and book reports. These always intimidated me since one skill I am not the greatest in is proper punctuation. This has led to many poor grades on papers due to silly little errors of doom that could have easily been avoided. However, something that I believe I do well in writing is my use of vocabulary …show more content…

I enjoy reading even books not assigned in school that interest me and can keep me entertained the whole way through the story. The kinds of books that interest me the most are dystopian societies such as The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner. My favorite book I have read so far has been Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy. This is because I greatly I enjoy militaristic dystopian books. Since I read very frequently, I have expanded my vocabulary and try to use it in my writing as much as I can. One way that I expand my vocabulary and learn new words is when I encounter a word in a book that stands out to me, I will remember it and will look up the definition so I know I’m using this new word correctly. Personally, I think of myself as an advanced reader, able to easily grasp topics and ideas and over the years I believe that I have steadily improved on

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