Personal Narrative: My BFFEL - Best Friend For Eternal Life

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I remember one of my BFFEL (best friends for eternal life), I think she was the closest to me because we had so much in common. We were both from countries that weren’t the U.S., we had both left our regular lives far away, and we had both been crazy enough to be each other’s best friend. Even though she was from Canada and me from Argentina, and we only had one year together, you could swear that we were friends from a really long time. KayLe was the coolest person to be my friend, not only because she came from a cold place, but because she was always there for me, the whole school year we had together we had fights or I would fight with our friend and she would always be in the middle, but she still talked to me, came to my house, and hung out with me. That taught me how no matter where from people are, they are always my best friend, even after they leave.

When the time came her family knew that they weren’t going to stay like they planned to, so they told her and her brother that they would stay until the end of the year. With my other friend Michael (AKA: Mikee) we were very sad and upset that our best friend was leaving us in a near future. We all forgot that KayLe was leaving until the last day of school, although she wasn’t leaving that same day. Mikee wasn’t going to be able to see her after that last day, we all cried after school, but I didn’t cry as much as they did together, because after school KayLe was coming over to my house to hang out for a little while. On the way to my house we talked about what she was going to miss about California, what she wasn’t going to miss at all. We also talked about how we were going to miss each other and the trio of crazy buttheads (Mikee, KayLe and me). After she left, I told ...

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...ation and caught up. Right before we all got tired and went to sleep or what ever it is we had to do, I reminded them that I would give anything for the three of us to get together at least one more time.

Even 5 months after she left we all keep in touch like I’ve never done with anyone of my friends, and I know now that it’s a lot of work keeping up with her, but it’s all worth it in the end. I hope that my friendship with her never breaks away, I can’t really think of whom I would have this kind of friendship with. No one is like her, no one is as supportive as her, as wild as her, and as much of a friend as she is. I have learned that my friends have all been very different, some speak Spanish and English, and others speak only English, and even though she only spoke English and a little broken Spanish, it made no difference to me how much of my friend she was.
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