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  • Best Friend

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    Bob Marley once said “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for”. Having a best friend is a great advance for many people in this world. Someone to tell all secrets to, someone to be there for you thru thick and thin. Best friends are people you can rely on for anything no matter the circumstances. Like Marley said people move on, life goes on, but there is that one person that's always going to be there for you. For me that person would be my

  • Chapter 28

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    First, I really want to apologize for the shortness of the last chapter. It wasn’t because I was lazy or anything, it was just because there wasn’t much I wanted to say in that chapter. We’re going to have some more fighting in this chapter, whoop whoop! And I’m not going to try and skip over it either. I’m going to try to make it a really good one too :) The weeks passed and I grew quite accustomed to life in Ylisse. Chrom’s mood was steadily improving and there was never a dull moment. Virion

  • Our Topic is Forgiveness

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    Onci, e lung, lung tomi egu, thiri wes e smell kongdum. Insodi thos kongdum, wes thi kong's tuwir, e blecksmoth, e merkit, e ferm end e smell vollegi. In thos vollegi, wes e men, whu crietid plinty uf moschoif. Hos nemi wes Andriw. Hi lovid woth hos femoly. Divouasly, Andriw hed cummottid meny cromis bat mustly stielong. Oni Sandey murnong, wholi thi messovi charch bills wiri rongong, hi ixcleomid, "By gully I em su burid loki e pockli un Sandeys thet tudey I moght jast welk ontu thi charch end lostin

  • Alone in the World

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    Lux found a suitable hiding spot in a nearby bush and waited, silent and stealthy... A few hours passed and Lux was still in the bush, he had lost track of time, but it was still dark so he assumed it was around 1:00am. The figure was still crying and muttering to itself, it had no idea it was being watched... A few moments later a butterfly landed on Lux's nose, causing him discomfort and the need to sneeze, he desperately tried to keep himself from sneezing as it would surely blow his cover and

  • mystery man

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    One of my favourite places to be is the Subway, although after catching trains to and from work every day for the past 6 years I guess you have to learn to appreciate it. I like the feeling I get from watching hundreds of people rush by, bumping into one another as I sit still, each one of them has a different life, family and place to be, that of which I will never know. When the train finally comes gliding through the underground station, coming to a sudden stop, the people jump up from their seats

  • literary response

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    Nature is a beautiful entity, which many people do not realize the exquisiteness of. Once one can truly connect and become one, they will receive the gifts of it’s presence. In the short story “A White Heron” the main character, Sylvia, finally sees all the aspects that nature has to offer. “A White Heron” is a story about the young girl coming in contact with a hunter who shoots birds for his collection. Sylvia stumbles across the man when he whistles at her while she is leading her cow home. The

  • test

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    I know I have thought about what it would be like if I took another path in life. It could be very different or just the same who really knows? Not me! When I was a young girl I had a love who was my best friends brother. I was around 12 years old and he was I think 14, I thought I loved him anyways lol you don't really know what love is at that age, maybe innocent puppy love. He went on to lead a very different life than mine at least I believe he did. I later met a guy when I was 15 years

  • An Easy Job

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    An Easy Job The smoldering campfire burned throughout the night, flames licking against the chilly mountain air. The camp was of a fair size; surely not as big as an Imperial Camp of Stormcloak Camp, no, but there were an adequate amount of people present. They were all snuggled up in their bedrolls in the grass, the silence drifting between them as they all slept peacefully. The pale blue orbs that had been intently watching from the darkness landed on the inert form of a blonde woman, watching

  • Foolish Child's Play

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    It was a long time ago when I was a child, playful and full of energy. My classmates just entered the room after coming back from lunch recess. We were all yelling and laughing, each child was talking to their friends as they did every day. Everyone was energetic, with no one sitting in their seats. On a daily basis the teacher would enter the classroom and we would all quiet down, then scatter to our seats. However, it was on this normal day that my first grade teacher came into the room who

  • I was a Pregnant and Scared Teenager

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    Many women have babies every day in life, but I believe having a baby can be the scariest thing you can actually go through being a teenager. There are more teenagers having babies with no guidance or direction in their lives today. I know being pregnant at 17 for me was the scariest moment of me being a teenager. The thought of me becoming a mother made me scared because I had no idea how to prepare, for the pain that my son (Freddrick) and I will have to endure. During the nine months that I was