Personal Narrative: How Soccer Has Affected My Life

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Growing up in El Salvador, soccer was a sport that significantly impacted my childhood. My cousins and uncles taught me how to play soccer, as well as various techniques that would later benefit me on the soccer field. At the age of seven I started to play for one of most well-known soccer clubs in El Salvador. Practicing twenty three hours a week was really paying off, as I could see in my medal and trophy gain. Not only did they represent my accomplishments, but they also gave joy to my teammates, community, and family because they were the people who encouraged me to give my best. Playing soccer was also a way to release stress because when my family was going through hardships, it was easier for me to let all of my negative energy on the …show more content…

My mom and grandma were there for me throughout every defeat and triumph, but the absence of my father affected me throughout my childhood. It was difficult seeing my teammates train with their dads because I had no one to train with other than my coach and sometimes my cousin or uncle, but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dream. Not having a father figure then motivated me even more to one day play for my national team knowing that after every victory I was getting closer to my goal. My coach and others who knew me would say that I was very talented, but not all of the comments were positive. I also knew many individuals who were my classmates who would make negative comments about me to others, or direct them towards me. However, these comments didn’t affect me though because my mom always told me that those negative comments should always push me to be better and prove them wrong. I have not only applied her advice to the game of soccer but to life in general. These words of wisdom from my mom have let me accomplish many things in life, such as learning English, but most importantly my educational goals through

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