Importance Of Personality In Sport

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Personality is the sum of the characteristics & Qualities that are reflected by the development of individual values, personal memories, attitudes, social relationships, habits, and skills that makes him unique. This uniqueness describes the personality and helps the researcher to work better while studying & knowing the personality.
Understanding Personality
We frequently go through our lives categorizing the people we encounter under various labels like, Jolly, Moody, Aggressive, Naughty etc. One of the best ways to understand personality is through its structure. The three levels of personality are internally driven or externally driven. These levels are divided into three separate but related
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This phrase gets a level of importance when it comes to sport and coaching. As a coach it is essential that you understand the personality of your athletes in order to optimise the transmission of your training instruction and their performance as well as being an athlete it is important you understand the significance of personality and its potential effect on performance. Psychologists have looked at personality from several viewpoints. Five of their major ways of studying personality in sport and exercise have been called the
 Psychodynamic Approach,
The psychology of mental or emotional forces or processes developing especially in early childhood and their effects on behavior and mental states is known as Psychodynamic approach. A detailed discussion regarding theory of it was discussed by Sigmund Freud and Neo Freudians while the same was also discussed by Carl Jung and Eric Erickson, (Cox, 1998). in which the psychodynamic approach was categorized in to two themes.
i. Unconscious determinants Sigmund Freud ii. Person as a whole
Although the psychodynamic approach has had a major impact on the field of psychology, especially in clinical approaches to psychology, it has had little impact on sport psychology.
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