Personal Narrative Essay: The Start Of A New Life

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Start of a New Life I don 't know what to do. I don 't know what to think. My instructor Mrs. Ross is giving the class an assignment to write a memoir about our life. How to write a paper the correct way? I am too country for this. Writing the exact way you talk is not good. How would I start? Having so much that happened in one 's life can be difficult to pick one thing. Not knowing where you would start can also be difficult. If it ball down to what will I want to tell the most I could not choose. Never let situations bring you down. The beginning of my life was a rocket. My mom had already had one child by another dude by accident…show more content…
We moved back home to my grandmother house until my mom can find us another house. My mom told us that we will be living in Florida after the year was up. My mom travel back and forth from our hometown to Florida getting things situated. She had found a house by the beach and a great job. We had one month left in the year then we would be moving to Florida. My mom stayed in Florida for a week to get the house situated so we can just move right in. She did not tell my step dad that we was moving to Florida but somehow he had already knew. He had popped up at our house in Florida and gave my mom some flowers and some panties with the days of the week on them. My mom didn 't think anything of it so she ignore the gift. She had continued getting things ready for us to come down to Florida. The last day of the week had come, February 27, 2009, and she was about to be on the way home to come get us. There was a knock on my grandmother’s door. It was a Police. He asked, "Is this the family of Renada Lucas?" He came in the house sat my family down and told us the news. "There have been and accident. On her way outside to her car she had an unpleasant surprise. It was her ex-husband following her to the car. She did not want to be bothered by him so she hurried to her car. He then took out a gun and told her to stop. She did not stop she ran to her car and opened the door and tried to get in her car. Before she can get in her car he…show more content…
We started to find out really quick. We only had my grandmother and granddaddy to care for us. Months had passed but me and my siblings were still adjusting to our mom not being there anymore. At the time I never knew how important it was to have your mom around as you growing up. Soon beginning my teen years I realized how much you need your mom as you going through the changes. I will never know how the transformation from: Middle school, High School, cheer competition, Basketball games, Track meets, college, getting married, starting a family, and watching my kids grow up fell with my mom feel. My step dad took a chunk of my life and my siblings’ life away from us that we can never get back. I did forgive him but I will never forget. He taught me a life lesson. It is to never let my guard down. Protect the ones that are close to you from harm ways. Growing from this I encourage myself to make a difference in the world. I kept a smile on my face not showing any of hurt nor the things I been through since I was born. I am now attending college away from home studying Associate of Science-criminal justice. Although I could not control what happened to my mom. My goal is to make sure it will not happen to anyone
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