Essay About My Father's Motorcycle Accident

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I never really talk about the affects my father’s motorcycle accident had on me because it hurts to know I went through something like that at such a young age. Where I am now is where I want to stay because it is nothing but progress from where I was then. I may have grown from my father’s motorcycle accident, but also developed a lot of good and bad memories that I would not trade for the world. My mom and I arrived at my great aunt’s house in Ely, Nevada at around dinnertime. We both decided it was time to get some sleep due to our long drive. My mom had asked me to wake her up if my dad did not call or arrive by midnight. She was obviously very tired from driving and I had slept most of the way anyways. I could tell my mom was very worried about my dad because he was traveling on his Harley Davidson, and the roads were dangerous. My innocent ten-year-old mind did not think anything bad could happen,…show more content…
Although I spent a lot of time without my mother I never let go of the love I had for her before the accident and that is why I was able to handle rough situations. I was aware that I was no longer the center of attention and I accepted it almost happily. Looking back though, if I had known what I know now I would have told my younger self that it was okay to demand a little more attention. What I never managed to realize was that a growing girl needs her mother more than she needs anything else in the world. I spent about two and a half years rejecting the idea that I needed anyone. My mind was made up and I could take care of anything that came my way with no hesitation. I quickly regretted the decision to disregard my mother for who she is and the role she played in my life. Young girls go through a lot, especially during their pre-teen years. When I reached this certain mark in my childhood I did not react as well as I should
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