The Pros And Cons Of Parenthood

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Parenthood is the hardest job anyone could ever have and it demands the constant attention of two loving parents, but what happens when one parent is left with the care and responsibility of a child. Well my mother had the burden of raising two kids, holding down a full-time job, and attending school. With her busy schedule it was hard on me because I was on my own almost of the time that I needed help whether it was to feed myself or if I needed help with homework. My mother knew I was having a hard time acclimating to our new situations so she took it upon herself to teach me to become as self sufficient as a 9 year old boy could be. I first saw this as a disadvantage, but quickly learned that it had become a blessing in disguise. Under the…show more content…
Now alone, she had to work 40 hours a week to provide for my 2 year old brother and I. My mother barely made enough to afford the apartment that we lived in. At the time I was too young to understand how bad our situation was. I made it much worse with my constant begging for toys and all sorts of needless expense and of course my mother wasn’t able to afford those luxuries when we barely had the necessities. Every time we would walk passed the toy section at Walmart I can remember asking my mother for toys; pleading that she would get me that toy I desperately needed. She would always tell me "I am sorry baby, I can 't afford it," and every time she said it, I could feel the sadness in her voice and the pain in her eyes. After I while I was beginning noticed how much it hurt my mother to say no to me so then when we would go to Walmart I would never ask for anything. I wanted the toys so badly, but I didn 't want to hurt…show more content…
My mother and I had a system because she would work the night shift, she was able to take care of my brother during the day, but when it was time to work she had to trust me to take care of him. I would feed, change, and look out him while my mom was at work and I was home alone. Since money was in short supply, we couldn’t afford a baby sister, which is why I had to care for him. I was given proper instructions from my mother on how to care for him. As well as emergency procedures to follow if there was something I could not handle; which never happened. This experience allowed me to mature and learn responsibility at an early age, which i learned comes in handy in the world of adulthood. It might seem as if my mother didn 't do much parenting with all the time she spent away from my brother and I, but I can assure you she most certainly

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