Personal Narrative Essay: From One Place To Another

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From one place to another
At the age of seven, my life changed forever. I was no longer living in my native country; I was now a fragment of the millions of immigrants who come to the United States in search of the American Dream. At the time, my father had recently lost his job and my mother was unemployed, which caused incredible financial stress for my family. My father decided to risk his life crossing the Rio Grande River for our family to have a better life and greater rewards.
Fall came by and it was time for my sister, mother and I to pack our things and meet him in Dallas. It was difficult to leave all of our friends and family members behind, knowing we would most likely never see each other again. I had faith that our lives would be better …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how their father decided to risk his life crossing the rio grande river for their family to have a better life and greater rewards.
  • Narrates how their mindset changed when they attended stevens park elementary school, where they were surrounded by kids who understood english perfectly while feeling lost every time a teacher talked to the class.
  • Describes how they were mocked for their accent and lack of understanding during their first few years in america. they met mr. otero, their math teacher, who was an immigrant from cuba.
  • Describes how their academic life changed permanently when their counselor recommended that they apply to a magnet high school. after applying to rosie sorrells school of education and social services, they became an honor roll student with high gpa.
  • Explains that their first four years in america were tough for their family. they were constantly moving from one place to another because of their economic situation. their goal is to have enough money to buy their parents the house they’ve always dreamed of owning.
  • Opines that it feels good to know their family is proud of their achievements. their hard work and dedication has helped them achieve many good things like being accepted to one of the best high schools in the nation.

I was mocked for my accent and lack of understanding. Although I was temporarily separated from other students, I was later relocated to a classroom where I had to utilize the English language exclusively. This was a drastic change. I’d never struggled with school. I constantly remember the many times I had to stay for tutoring and went home crying because I was frustrated by my inability to comprehend something my classmates took for granted. During this time period I met Mr. Otero, my math teacher who was an immigrant from Cuba, he was a crucial person to my development of language. Mr. Otero was the only person who truly understood my struggle to fit in the “American” way of life. I had trouble understanding standard English and definitely had no idea what exactly slang American language was. With Mr. Otero’s assistance, I began reading and practicing the English language. While Malcolm X was incarcerated, he used his time in prison to educate himself which is exactly what Mr. Otero advised me to practice. Likewise, I utilized a similar method to Malcolm’s X strategy, copying words from the

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