Personal Narrative Essay: My First Jump

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My first jump
Zihan Ren Northeastern University


When I was a Child, I have never stopped wondering what it would be to fly in the sky. I had tried to jump from sofa or bed with an opened umbrella in my hand,and imagined myself as a flying bird. As I grow up, those wonderful fantasy become faded in my brain. I still like flying, and I had experience something like helicopter tour, but never a real fly. I always have the thoughts to explore life, to experience
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She was inspired by another friend who recently had a skydiving, a real one. "It is impressive to give yourself a birthday gift like this", she said "you will never forget it". Then she asked me if I were willing to do this with her. I said "Ok, I will go with you, but I am not ready to jump yet." Even though I was still looking forward to having some experiences like that, my inner fear of extreme sports cannot be eliminated. The skydiving center was very popular at that time for the sunny weather. Sunny had to make a reservation for herself on the next coming Monday. 10.A.M. She tried to persuade me to jump with her when we were waiting for this event to come, "it should be more exciting than roller coaster, I am sure you will be safe. We can get on the plane together if you make a reservation now. It should be on time.". To be honest I was moved and even tried to call and made a reservation, but fear eventually pull me back. What if the parachute cannot be opened, and what if something else…show more content…
The instructors brought us to the airplane which was a KingAir plane. That airplane didn't have and independent seats like the civil aircrafts. We all had to sat very close to each other one by one. After fastening me tightly with him, Daniel give a pair of goggles. "you have to put it firmly on your face, otherwise it will be blow away by the super high speed caused by freefall.", He said. While the plane started to climb, I could feel that my heart was beating out. Daniel asked me some questions, and let me smile to the GoPro on his arm. That was for the video which they record the whole process. The only words I could say at that time were "yes, no". I was focusing on the people who jumped before me. They looked like they had been disappeared from this world. Finally, it was my turn to jump. Daniel pushed me to the opened door. The only thing I could see at that moment was the clouds looked like a big cozy bed. When I opened my eyes again, I had been out of the cabin door. After a few seconds of weightlessness, I had finally experienced the feeling of fly. I felt the unprecedented freedom, it seems that the entire sky belongs to me. The only thing in my view was the white, the blue, and the GoPro. Daniel released the parachute after we came under the clouds. A huge colorful parachute opened. I was able to see the green land and cars. Everything was so beautiful. He made us spin around in the air like playing in

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