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During my freshman year of college, I had met one of my best friends, who go by name Jill. (She lives in New Jersey and while I live in Pennsylvania) I found it to be strange that sometimes, it feels like we have grown up with one another but in reality we have only one another for four years and I couldn’t be more thankful. I can remember when we met at school as if it was yesterday. It was a 2014 lightly snowy Sunday evening and I had just returned back to Cabrini for my spring semester as a freshman, but I wasn’t sure the time I had returned into my dorm room and who had helped me unpack my belongings (it was either my mom or dad). Since it was considered to be a new year, it was one of my goals to be less shy in class and begin to be…show more content…
I look down at my watch and it’s already 8;15 but no other students or the professor was in the classroom. I started to get a little nervous (maybe I was in the wrong the classroom?) If this was the old me (from high school), I would text my mom and be scared out of my mind not having a clue what to do. However, before I had gone up and left the classroom, out of blue my professor walks in and right behind him were the rest of the students. I asked the professor if this was Introduction to Philosophy, with a big smile on his face, he replied with “yes, you are in Introduction to Philosophy!” I sit back in my seat and was ready for the upcoming lecture on Philosophy. Wasn’t sure what to expect (because remember I have never taken a philosophy class in my life). To be completely honest, I couldn’t remember what some of the main topics were. But I do remember always walking in class every Monday and Friday, confused and was unable to make connections to the given topics that we discussed in class. This is hopeless; I think I might drop out of this class. (Spoiler alert, I did not drop the class) But it wasn’t until the weather started to change; I was able to see the green grass and bright sun to help me change my point of view of the
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