Personal Narrative Essay: My First Summer Trip To Hong Kong

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The first summer vacation after college entrance examination was amazing since I went to my dream place Hainan with the guy who I like very much, I also travelled to a very prosperous place-Hong Kong with my dear parents and most proud of was that I learned how to dive and cook. When I set foot on this island, I was shocked by this beauteous scene. This amazing island which are covered by a large amount of coconut trees and while comfortable wind breeze, people will forget all their troublesome. This was my first impression of Hainan. The first day we went to Sanya to feast our happy journey. Sanya is a place which has a lot of beautiful tourist attractions such as Yalong Bay, TIANYAHAIJIAO, Sanya South Mountain, and different kinds of…show more content…
A story was that one pair of men and women in love were from two families’ feud, so their love was the tribe of opposition. At the end of the story, they jumped into the sea together to show on their love in front of their family. So people grave “TIANYA” and “HAIJIAO” on the surface of the two huge stones to commemorate their love. I was very melting while I listened to this story because the two person show us what is the real love in the world. Every person wants to be together with their best love so I was very cheerful that the person who I love by my…show more content…
Such as coconut milk, Wenchang Chicken, and roast suckling pig. The most delicious food I think is Wenchang Chicken which its meat are very tasty and tender. The time when I first bit it, I felt everything have become very fine and the whole sky got bluer. But my friend thought coconut milk was his favorite food. Hainan’s coconuts are very fresh so their milk are also very delicious. Besides, fruits in Hainan are also very fresh, great and succulence. The trip to Hong Kong with my dear parents was an unforgettable experience too. Hong Kong is a very flourishing place and it is also the world’s largest tax-free place. So more and more people would choose to go to Hong Kong to broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge. I was most fascinated by Victoria Harbour which is located between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. Its name was from the British Queen Victoria. During the daytime, there are many ferries out of port. With the development of the Hong Kong’s economy, Victoria Harbour’s transportation facilities developed to undersea tunnel, underground railways and other modern facilities. When night falls, the whole Victoria Harbour is full of resplendent lights and we can also take cruises to enjoy the scenery along the way. The tourists from all the world can see Hong Kong’s most bustling scenery in Victoria Harbour which is around by numerous condominiums including Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition
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