Personal Narrative Essay: Going On A Road Trip With My Family

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Going on a road trip with my family means the world to me. We drove to another state during summer vacation, and it was by far the best road trip I have ever been on. My family and I were able to go to many fun places. We ate so many exotic and delicious foods as well. Yet most importantly, I spent time with my family and their friends. It was the day when my family and I went to California for our summer vacation. It was the day before we left our home to go to California. I was so excited for our time to spend some out of the house and go to another state. However, before we went to bed, we had to pack a few things. I packed my toothbrush and toothpaste, brush, comb, hair spray, conditioner and shampoo, and clothes. We also packed some…show more content…
I jumped out of the car with my two sisters and ran to the bathroom. When we left the bathroom, we walked back to the car. We saw that our dad was still putting gas in the car, so we went into the store to buy some sweets. I bought “warheads” that said extremely sour, and a bag of chips called “baked with fire” that looked like they would taste really hot. When we purchased our food, we walked back to the car. As soon as we started driving, I opened my bag of chips. I was so scared that they would be extremely hot. For that reason, I also bought a bottle of water. I opened it before I took a bite out of the chip. Luckily, they were not hot at all! I grabbed my sour candy and tasted it. My face changed so quickly; that I started to squint my eyes and point my lips. I could not take another bite of it because it was really sour! Eventually, I was not hungry anymore. Probably because I ate my whole bag of chips and a sandwich. When I finished eating, I was feeling exhausted, so I took a long nap. I woke up, and dad told me that we only needed to drive for one more hour. While we were driving through town, we saw a row of trees on fire! It was so smoky that we could barely see the street we were driving on. I felt scared for life and terrified that we might crash. After a few more minutes of driving, the smoke cleared up and we could see again. Finally, the hour passed and we arrived in California. Mrs.…show more content…
Now we had to make the long trip back to Mrs. Tina’s house. It was such a long day, and we were extremely tired so we decided to skip dinner. We took showers, put on our pajamas, brushed are teeth, and went to bed. Over the next few days we went to the beach, had picnics in the park, went bike riding and skating, and took a trip to the mall. We had such a fun week, but now it was time to go home. So, we thanked Mrs. Tina and her family for being so generous and welcoming to us. We told them that they would have to come visit us so we could return their kindness they showed us. So, we gave them hugs and kisses and we headed back to Las Vegas. I was able to spend a lot of time with my family, our friends, and play all sorts of games. This experience made me start to like traveling. Every time I would get the chance to travel, I will take that chance. We were able to go to a theme park, eat many delicious foods, and play many video

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