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  • The Legend of the Haunted Ship

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    Once upon a time, in Manitowoc, WI, there was a ship that had been in WWII, and needless to say, it was more than something to be freaked out about. This ship was over 50 years old, it had algae all over the exterior of the ship. The metal on it was all rusted out, to put kindly, it was a mess. Rob Lawrence, a professional ship tourist was in the area to check this boat out, not only for the history of it, but for the supernatural disturbances he has been informed about. Rob and his partner, George

  • newspaper reader ship

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    INTRODUCTION “The world is in turmoil,” at least that is what the media projected. But it was true; there was a major problem with the world on that autumn morning in September 11th. “The mighty have fallen,” was heard elsewhere as this great nation of America felt it’s first real attack since December 7, 1945 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. As all of the nations of the world sat slacked jawed and paralyzed, the American media worked at a feverish pace to inform all what had just happened

  • Case Study On Ship Collision

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    day as the number of sailing ships is continuously increasing. Technology advancement has helped large ships to sail at amazing speeds. But in this case with an increase in traffic and speed, the risk of accidents has also increased drastically. The ship collision is a common accident in the sea by many kind of ships that results from crashing into a still or floating object. In my own explanation collision defined as the change in structural properties of a ship as a result of an impact with

  • A Memorable Cruise Ship

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    as I found my way off the bus. The once brisk morning was getting hotter by the second. My friend Kristi and I looked towards our left and there she was, the Norwegian Sea. The cruise liner that we would be on for the next week. It was the biggest ship I had ever seen up close. Ten stories high and nearly 1000 feet long. It had an intimidating presence that took one's breath away. Our parents had arranged for a cruise from Houston, Texas with stops at Cancun and Cozumel, Mexico. Then a one-day

  • Cruise Ship Essay

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    Cruises Cruise ships have been around for a little over a century. A cruise ship is a huge boat designed and purposely built for the entertainment of its passengers. Cruise ships travel to vacation destinations and allow its travelers to explore the area. Millions of people invest in the cruise ship industry every year for their vacation needs. Entertaining, feeding, and protecting this many people requires a huge industry with thousands of worker to make everything possible. With so much going


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    Historical fiction is a type of genre that helps paint a more captivating and colourful picture of the past. It combines fact and fiction as it presents mostly fabricated characters set in a definite period of history. Ship of the Hunted, by Yehuda Elberg, defines this genre as it entwines the lives of a fictional family with historical facts and elements such as life in the Warsaw ghetto, hiding to survive, and the Brichah movement of Jews out of Poland. History has recorded that over half a million

  • Of Pirate Ships and Silver Steeds

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    Of Pirate Ships and Silver Steeds We poured the foundation yesterday, and now we were pulling the forms off the cement and hauling them out--back onto Ralph, our two-ton truck. The sun beat down. As I bent over to pick up another eight incher I glanced towards the pit. First, came a black bandanna. Next, came protruding straggles of curly blond hair. Then, a grimace and a roll of the eyes--Danny's trademark--appeared as the young man hauled himself out of the hole. Following the head, came a

  • Rose's Journey Upon the Ship of Dreams

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    Rose’s Journey Upon the Ship of Dreams My journey started when I saw a report on the television. The report was about a picture which the ocean archaeologist’s found. The picture was of me, not now a course but when I was a young teenager. Titanic researchers with the ocean archaeologists were looking for a ruby which was worn by someone on the titanic, they’d been looking for 20 years but now they’d come across a picture of a lady wearing it around her neck. They had found the picture miles

  • Persuasive Essay On A Cruise Ship

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    It’s quite common to hear from a friend, relative or someone you know that they will be cruising the Mediterranean sea for their upcoming vacation and board the biggest cruise ship that they can find. It sounds so luxurious, isn’t it? It’s normal to think that these people are hefty rich and that are able to spend ample amount of money for such a grand vacation on a cruise. Maybe you’re thinking that cruising is only for millionaires with an enormous bank account and that if you’ll do the same

  • Ships Main Engine Lube Oil System

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    damage to the lube oil system. A filter is used to filter out much smaller particals. The filtering elements in a lube oil filter has a more complex make-up. Aboard our ship, we have self cleaning lube oil filters along with the standard lube oil filters. The size of the cartridges in these filters usually range from 3-12 mm. Our ship has two full flow filters per engine. The plates inside of a strainer corrode and erode very easily. Special attention must be given to these plates when cleaning them