The Magnificent Serenity of the Ocean

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Have you ever visited a place so beautiful and serene that you couldn’t imagine a more stunning place? For me, it is the shimmering and flowing waters of the ocean. The way that the deep blue waters meet the gritty beige sand leaves me in such awe. The water is like a soft blanket, comforting and inviting. The unique wildlife and vegetation that exists on the beach is something I’ve never seen anywhere else. There is no place more beautiful and thrilling than the beach.
I can still remember the first time that I saw the ocean. I was a child, no more than 6 years old. It still stands out in my mind as one of the best memories I have from my childhood. I remember being able to taste the salt in the air on my lips as I took a deep breath. The water was such a deep shade of blue that reminded me of a Crayola crayon color. It got lighter and lighter as the water came closer to the shore until it ended as a light turquoise color. The color of the water when it actually met the sand was something that I can’t even describe. I would say that the closest thing you could describe it to would be translucent sea foam green. I remember how the waves curled up at their peak and then crashed down into the sand. The noise that the waves made as they crashed into the surrounding water can only be likened to the deep booming of a bass drum. The temperature of the water as it swirled around my ankles was not too cold and not too hot. The water was so clean and clear that you could see the ocean floor beneath your feet. Once in a while a huge chunk of seaweed would get wrapped around my toes and it reminded me much of a legendary sea monster swallowing its victim. The sun bounced off of the water’s surface, glimmering like a shiny crystal. Perhaps ...

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...autiful and exciting place. The water is unlike any other body of water that I had ever laid my eyes upon. Worthy of the nickname ‘God’s swimming pool”, it has a seemingly endless horizon that reaches as far as the eye can see. The sand is so fine and powdery and it amazes me at how it can change textures with just a little bit of water. Perhaps the most amazing part of the beach is the vast array of wildlife that inhabits the area. From fish to crabs, you will never see the same creature twice. Each animal has their own distinct characteristics which make it exciting to explore and try to find more. My favorite place in the world is definitely the beach and I highly recommend visiting and seeing it with your own two eyes. It is an infinite world of expression, a paradise of color. There is no possibility of disappointment when it comes to the serenity of the ocean.

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