Personal Statement: My Journey To The United States

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When I was twelve, my parents moved to the United States to work and make a better life for me while I stayed behind with my grandparents. When I graduated high school, my mom asked me if I wanted to come to live in the United States. I missed my parents and wanted a new and exciting experience to challenge me and help me grow. Thus, my journey began. In 2012, I moved to San Francisco nervous but excited. I knew that as an immigrant in a new and strange place, I would face many obstacles, but those obstacles were no match for what my parents endured being away from me for so many years in order to work and ensure I had a better life than they did. When I moved in with my parents in San Francisco, I appreciated catching up on lost time. However, I also often found myself upset when my parents recounted their day and how hard they worked. It hurts me to see the pain and exhaustion in their eyes when they came home after working two full-time jobs. I felt compelled to lighten …show more content…

My tenure in student government groomed me into an adept problem solver, negotiator, and critical thinker, always willing to help others. I translated these skills as a member of the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) program where I taught Chinese to students desiring to learn the language. Moved by the eagerness of students to learn the Chinese language, I spearheaded my own program, The Language Corner, to teach students not only how to speak Chinese, but to also provide them with an understanding of China’s history, society, and rich culture. Through teaching, I realized that I have a unique perspective to offer and that I should not put my self into the immigrant box as if I have nothing to offer. My experiences have prompted me to be proactive in my engagement with others, steadfast in my studies, and committed to achieving the success my parents worked so hard for me to

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