Culture Shock

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It is through the events in the journey of life that shapes and molds who we are as people. As for me, immigrating to America was one of those milestones that have shaped who I am. Those who have had the opportunity of moving from a different country to America know what a privilege it is. I felt the same honor to know that I would be journeying to the land of opportunity. Without hesitance, I spent the last two months packing and making the final preparations before moving to a new continent. Although it was a bittersweet time, leaving my beloved family behind, I knew that I couldn’t resist the treasure that waited for me in the new land. Coming from a developing nation the high level of sophistication that greeted me on arrival to America made feel like I was in paradise. My brother who was already was living in America picked me from the Dallas Fort Worth airport. As my we drove away from the Airport towards his house where I would abode for a while, the smooth drive fascinated me; I was accustomed to potholes on the road in my home country. Deep in my mind I kept pondering how I will be able to survive in this cold, only to be amazed on arrival at the warmth I found inside the house. Out of curiosity I asked my niece, “why is it so warm in here?”, my niece answered with a smile “the heat is running aunty” whatever she meant I did not understand, although she spoke in English she had an American accent which took me long to adapt and decipher. My brother knowing that I will definitely experience culture shock, started giving me tidbits of what I would expect. I remember him saying “This is America my sister, they speak different here, many things have different names from home”. He then told me “open the trunk and offload y... ... middle of paper ... ...f the item. Coming to America, by far was not what I expected. However, after living here for four years, I have learned to adjust to the surroundings. I was not mentally prepared for the culture change that I was exposed to in the beginning but as days turned into months and eventually into years, I realized that I grew accustomed to the culture and eventually became a part of it. I have gotten accustomed to calculating distance by miles and not kilometers, temperatures by Fahrenheit not Celsius, weight by pounds not kilograms. I have also been influenced to see beauty in different content unlike home where thick women are considered beautiful, healthy and happily married unlike here where everyone is trying to lose weight to enhance their beauty and health. However, not even a decade in America can make me forget the extremes I experienced when I first arrived.
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