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Since my early childhood, I developed a passion for the field of psychology that motivated

me in procuring a set of diverse skills and experiences. I grew in a joyful family with few

troubles, and my father and mother lived in a happy relationship. Yet, I realized that many

other relatives, including some of my friend’s families are struggling to experience the same

amount of contentment with family relation as myself. Initially, I chose to incline my field of

expertise towards psychology by enrolling to the Renin University of China. This experience

showed great results as I noticed a significant improvement in my perception of the human

behavior from where I started analyzing every possible person developing various scenarios
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For this reason, while I was involved in working for

children with autism I once again came up with different psychological strategies to make

improvement in their lives and to enhance the overall perception of people toward autism.

Furthermore, volunteering for The United Nations Children 's Fund (UNICEF) not only

provided me with a better vision in regards to my academic field but it also improved me at

a professional level.

I decisively have confidence in the interests and ideals being the best teachers and I cherish

every lecture and practice because I was increasingly enjoying every learning process. I am

interested to make effective use of my knowledge and interest in the psychology for the

improvement in marriage and family therapy. Hence, I am applying for this particular

program at ULV to revolutionize its field of research and improve the existing ways of

solving the appropriate issues. In addition, I believe that the tendency in our current century

is to emphasize on the micro research of counselling activities and my background in

psychology can greatly contribute to the development of such.

After completing the program, I intend to become a psychotherapist, and I would also like

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