Personal Narrative Essay

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Moving from a highly diverse community to a less diverse community has to be the weirdest yet interesting culture shock I ever had to deal with. As a young child, I did not know about the outside world. I thought everyone rides the bus or the metro, graffiti on the wall is normal and traffic wouldn’t matter as much since everything I needed was within walking distance sometimes. There were shocking things I learned once I moved to Nebraska. My role as a kid in California was pretty simple. But I knew that would change within time, what I didn’t know that the change would be in a dramatic way. In California, I would say my ascribed status was towards in the lower class. At this time, my parents were young, stressed and both unfortunately lost their jobs due to budgets cuts in the companies they were working for. During this time I thought to myself what if we eventually have to start hunting for our food such as those live in hunting-and-gathering societies (I watched a lot of television as a kid). I don’t blame my parents for not giving me everything I wanted as a kid, I now realize that when they would tell me they couldn’t afford something I wanted, those weren’t excuses but justifications.…show more content…
I was not used to talking English all the time, which was a major culture shock for me. I was so used to talking Spanish in school, in restaurants and in stores, that it never occurred to me that it would be the opposite here in Nebraska. Another thing was that nearly everyone was Caucasian. I was considered a minority in this new community. Which I was completely unaware that there was such a thing until I grew older. I was confused and nervous starting a new school because I thought I was going to be the only Mexican in the class. Turns out I wasn’t, I was
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