Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Beals

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Real Names Being chased in a nightmare is one of the most fearful nights anyone has ever encountered. Every time when you were about to get caught by something or someone, you fall into an utter darkness. When you open your eyes, you realized this is the reality. Perhaps, the dreams you've been having constantly each night were here to frighten you. At the end, you have the remains of these memories, and these remains are what are important. These little pieces of memories can be useful as they can help you to begin your journey in conquering your fears. Without them, how can you learn to have faith and perseverance? Having perseverance can help an individual go on their path to find happy dreams they wish to have. Hope can divert one's mind into putting a lot of effort and time into their passion of work they are willingly to sacrifice. Even a little of false hope can help. It also applies to in the real world where one has to fight their way out of the miseries of barriers that are laid in front of them. Encountering your fears are the worst moments in life, but you will grant a reward for succeeding them. Not all people are brave enough to struggle alone. This fight is only between you and your fears. Don't let anyone stop you from trying something they think you're no match for. Though using perseverance and having hope can be tricky, this lets you to face the fact that you can face fears in reality and overcome them. The beginning doesn't count but the end of your long voyage from experiences earned counts. My grandpa ZZZ CCCn learned to have great capacity of hope and perseverance during his early teens. At school, he would always ... ... middle of paper ... ... front of me since the road to success is far away. Facing unknown obstacles is like drowning in water because obstacles are weighted heavily and sometimes I can't lift it. I just have to use my strength and hopefully, I can raise it off me. I learned that sometimes it is better to have a little false hope than to have none. Perseverance doesn’t not come naturally to all people but eventually it will come because they will find it. It helps them find their inner self by going through obstacles so that they can be more of a life challenge. I believe that this can change a person who they are because it is something everyone needs to go through life. Works Cited Beals, Melba. Warriors Don't Cry: A Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock's Central High. New York: Pocket, 1994. Print. "Grandpa Zhao Chen's Childhood." Personal interview. 20 Mar. 2014.
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