Personal Code Of Ethics Essay

Personal Code of Ethics

Personal codes of ethics are unique to each individual; they are the values and principles they have chosen to live by. My personal ethics are important to me because they determine who I am today and who I want to be in the future. The purpose of this paper is to identify some of my values and principles that are the base of my code of ethics, how these transform into personal and professional ethical behavior, and how it relates to personal learning.
Personal Code of Ethics
Responsibility: One of my most important personal ethics is the reasonability I have accepted for my dogs. I must ensure my dogs have an up to date license, issued within the last 365 days. In Kingston it is the law (, but just as important, it is my pet’s ticket home. It is important that I have nutritional food for them; morning and evening. They also must have regular veterinary visits to make certain they are in good health and that they remain healthy. To make sure they are happy they go for regular walks, lots of love and cuddles, and some treats from Mommy. I also have the responsibility to make sure I give them a safe place to call home and a warm bed at night. It is important to take charge of your actions concerning the training of your pets. If you do something
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We all live by our personal ethics, but do we ever think about them and what they mean to us? Do we know where they come from or how they have changed over the years? I think my personal ethics were originally embedded in me from my parents and other family members. There was always respect for each other and how you communicated to them. Aunts and Uncles were always addressed by Aunt or Uncle then their name. Even neighbors were called Mr. and Mrs., never by their first name. I feel your personal ethics may change as you mature, or maybe they enhance. Maybe it is the knowledge we gain from life

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