Different Parenting Styles

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• Yanira was brought up different than most American children because by the Age of six she was working. She went along with a group of people and spent five days on the river with them. She did many tasks such as sweeping the sand off of the peoples sleeping mats, cooked and served the food to the other people. She is off working and helping with not even being asked, while in America children are being begged to do tasks and sometimes they don’t even complete them. In America there are a lot of children that will not do chores unless they are asked too (Kolbert). I remember when I was little my parents would give me chores to do and I always tried to push them off to the last minute because I didn’t want to do them. I also never did chores without being asked I always felt like I was busy and had other things to do.
• Parents train their kids in different cultures to be ready for adult responsibilities in many different ways. It may be because there are many different variables such as the society and how their parents brought them up. Some cultures require kids to do adult responsibilities early in life such as hunting food in some cultures. In some cultures parents taught their kids what they had to in the world and what their responsibilities were. In some places parent do not help their child, the parent just feels like they have the responsibility and its just easier if they didn’t. Some children help their families more because of the way they were brought up. Children in L.A were not brought up having as much responsibility as the children in Matsigenka. The L.A kids also did not help in the home as much because the parents didn’t really in force what they were saying and would let the kids get away with not doing ...

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...punishment in this article would be when the child moves out and the parent doesn’t help them but then again it is also helping the child grow up. Also another punishment was when the child dropped the bag of groceries his mom then made him start taking out trash and other things. Getting something that the child wants is rewarding them.
• I honestly don’t like the Kolbert’s essay not saying it was not good or invalid information. I just believe parents should be parenting there children how they want to it is there children not someone else’s. Each parent brings their children up different ways and it makes everyone unique, if we kept to the same kind of parenting style everyone wouldn’t be so different. The letters that were made after the article had no influence on me because I am set on my beliefs that a parent should do whatever parenting style they want.

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