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Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility and difficult decision making. You always have your child's best interest at heart, but sometimes your child may disagree with the rules you have set down. That is why, I believe, the perfect parenting style is democratic. You can compromise with your child, but still have basic rules you want them to follow, without them feeling targeted or that you are being unfair. When i become a parent, I want to make sure my children have guidelines. I want them to be able to make their own mistakes and learn from them. Their health, their type of entertainment and the toys they play with are three major, broad categories that I would like to have a say in, along with their input of course. Firstly, when it comes to my children's health and eating habits, I, like any other parent, would want no harm to come to them. It is important to me that my children eat healthy most of the time, but I would let them have a choice to choose between two healthy snacks. It is still manipulative, in a way, but by doing it this way, my child feels like they have made the decision on their own even though I know otherwise. However, a toddler does not stay a toddler. As they get older, you can no longer pull off the same tricks and pull the wool over their eyes. When they get to highschool, their terrible twos do not seem so terrible. They start to want to go to parties with the opposite gender and alcohal. As a parent, I would not want my little girl to get pregnant or my little boy to get wasted, but it would be difficult to compromise with them. They want to go because all their friends are going, but I do not want anything bad to happen to them. I know, in the end, I would let them go, but with... ... middle of paper ... ...would try to enforce some books and blocks as well as so I would get half of want I want, as well as he getting half of what he wants. Also, gameboys are a huge issue in today’s society. I personally, have no problem with my child having and playing with a gameboy. Again, the games must be age appropriate and have some sort of educational content. In conclusion, the democratic parenting style is more efficient than the others, authoritarian and permissive, as it allows you to blend those two styles together in an effort to build strong bonds and a healthy relationship with your child. It allows you to be strict and lenient at the same time, without your child feeling trapped or carefree. In the end, the relationship you and your child share is extremely important and how you choose to approach parenting determines the outcome of yours and your child’s closeness.

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