Parenting Styles Essay

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There are four different kinds of parenting styles:, authoritarian, permissive, authoritative, and uninvolved. They each hold their own rules and regulations and are seemingly different, although the end result of each can be a great child. These styles were identified by Diana Baumrind and updated by Eleanor Maccoby and colleagues (Feldman, 2011 pg 252)
The first type of style is Authoritarian., Tthis parent is very controlling and strict. They mean exactly what they say and their word is the law. They expect very strict obedience and do not tolerate disagreements or back talk. Their children are usually withdrawn and not friendly. Girls of the authoritarian parent will tend to be very dependent, while the boys will be unusually hostile. The second style is Permissive, as you can probably guess by the name they don’t mind giving permission to their kids to do almost anything, they also don’t require much of their children, and won’t hold themselves responsible for the way their children end up. Permissive parents just want their kids to be happy and do whatever it is they want to do. The children of permissive parents are also dependent just like the children of an authoritarian parent as well as they are moody and lack in social skills as well as self-control. The third style is Authoritative, now these parents are very clear and strict on what they want, however unlike the authoritarian they also are loving and emotionally supportive. They can tolerate a little disagreement and don’t mind explaining to a child why or why not a certain rule has been put in place. These parents want their children to be independent and they generally are. They can regulate their own behavior effectively because they understand why and when the...

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...switching their parenting style it will make for a very confused and unsure child.
Although such classification systems are useful ways of categorizing and describing parents’ behavior, they are not a recipe for success. Parenting and growing up are more complicated than that! (Feldman, 2011 pg. 254). Successful children come from all types of homes and how you chose to raise your child is completely your business as long as it’s within the means of the law. We must remember that you are raising an innocent child to face this world. Therefore to effectively choose how you should raise your child, think back to how you were raised and how it did and still effects you. From there determine what may be best for your child. Whatever style is chosen remember to stick to your guns because there is an innocent little body depending on you to make the best out of them.
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