The Art of Democratic Parenting

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When children are growing up, they often wonder why their friend’s parents act differently than theirs. Some might even complain to their parents by saying “But my friend’s parents let her do that” or “My friend’s parents bought him/her this toy”. Although, it may be hard to explain to your child why it is important for you to say no to something’s, it will be better for them in the long run. Some parents may not realize but everyday things such as food choices, toy or games they play with and the responsibilities they have at home can affect their lives forever and they will pass on the things you taught them to their children one day. That is why it is important for parents to take a long time to think about what they are exposing their children too, before it is too late. The health of a child should be the most important thing in a parent’s life from the moment they realise they are pregnant, because we always want our children to outlive us. Personally, democratic parents are able to recognize health foods are the obvious choice but still allow snacking on special occasions. An authoritarian parent might only allow healthy food in their home, which in today’s society is highly unrealistic because almost every type of food has some sort of harmful substance that were used to make it. Their strict rules may also cause the child to act out and eat junk food. If a child is raised in a permissive parenting household, their parents might not have any rules on what foods they should eat or how much, which could cause they child to have health issues. A child that grows up in a democratic household would know that healthy foods are the obvious choice if they want to live a long life but also knows that junk food and fast food rest... ... middle of paper ... ...e but do not punish them if they don’t live up to their expectations and encourage them to do better next time. Democratic parents realize that their child needs certain responsibilities but also encourage fun. It is important for parents to make the wise choice when it comes to the health, toys and responsibilities of their child. The choices they make for their child when they are young will reflect on who they become later on in life. The right foods, toys and amount of responsibilities will motivate your child to do the best they can in life, without over pushing them or under pushing them. Children need to know that their parents are their best friends and will only do what is best for them. The best thing you can do for your child is to stand by their choices and motivate them to the best of your abilities.Encouragement is the best action for a healthy child.

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