Parental Relationships In Lizard Man

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Relationships play an essential role in people’s everyday life. A person’s first relationship is the one with their parents, which has a huge impact on the way offspring will relate to others, and develop future relationships. There are many aspects that come into play between parents and their children, such as, the personality of the family members, the education received from the parents, the family history, and the environmental situation in which the household is located. In fact, there are a series of variables, such as the education given to the child, and more fundamental aspects that are essential to the well being of the members in the relationship, such as the unconditional acceptance of one another. Parental behaviors such as protection,…show more content…
Dan’s naivete towards Jack 's sexuality is the conflict in their relationship. His inability to accept his son is the reason why their relationship is so complicated. Dan, caught off guard when faced with his son and another boy together, loses his temper and their relationship is compromised forever. This event makes him reevaluate his parenting behavior and the role he will play in his son’s future. What hurt Dan the most, was not being in jail, but the realization that he did not know his family, and that he was ignorant of even the most obvious things. That day he lost both his freedom and his family, thus fueling his dedication to do right by his son. He resolves, after his symbolic road trip with Cam, to make a grand gesture towards his…show more content…
They both have big, dangerous, problems, trapped in a small cage. The alligator symbolizes their quest to heal their relationships, this is why their first instinct is to take care of the alligator and set him free. Red abandoned/neglected the alligator, just as he did with Cam. Because Cam sees himself as the alligator, he prioritise the rescue of the reptile over a beautiful “six feet of wide-screen glory.” Taking such a big risk can be viewed as a way though which they could somehow help themselves to let go the past and start fresh. Trying to fit an alligator in a truck is no easy, and especially danger-free, task. Doing this brave act of compassion, Cam experiences a sort of resolution for helping the one living being that his dad took care of. Dan, just as Cam, experiences a sense of resolution/closure. He feels an overwhelming flow of emotion, that brings him to tears, hollering, leaping, and screaming. Dan realizes that the things he thought were impossible can now be possible, even complicated things such as fixing the relationship with his son. The ride back home has a nostalgic and melancholic tone: they are both thinking about their life, and the relationship they have and used to have with the members of their family. When Cam gets home, he hugs his boy tightly and he says sorry. By showing to his son how deeply sorry
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