Love And Relationships Analysis

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Love and Relationships
Karen Horney “Distrust between sexes” proceeds go into the different aspects of Love and Relationships. In this book Horney gives examples on how women deal with emotions which transitions from childhood to adult life. The fundamentals of documentation are displayed in unavoidable ways in most occurrences people run into. People are blind to the fact that love in relationships can be destroyed by overt or covert? In some cases lack of sympathy is then blamed, when relationships don’t work out between two individuals. Some couples fall into social, economic defaults which impacts the relationships. These are issues people never stop to think about, all they want to do is shift the blame to one another in a relationship. Self-preservation is a basic instinct for everyone and is present at birth. This can enhance the natural fear of losing ourselves in a relationship (Horney 1930). In Horney discussions I found that a person only feels despair because of the deep emotions of abundant from “Love” during childhood. That can develop more mixed emotions that turn into mistrust, which causes delusions that tell them they are not getting love from their partner (Horney 1930). With these types of feelings mistrust sips into relationships, starting from a child carries over into adult life. Reasons are when a child comes into the world learns everything it needs to know from its parent. If the child’s emotional needs are not taken care of when the family increases, the child will feel a need to compete for affection from the parents, which could turn into a painful situation. With this being said the child grows into an adult with suppressed aggression. If he/she has not learned how to deal with...

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...lationships, but the husband did not change. This angered Carroll and she began to dislike her husband and feel he was mistreating her, which triggered revenge. Through this chain of events the couples miss the real experience of passion. This is all contributed to the innate wiring that is a natural feeling in a human when it is born into the world. This is a basic instinct that alerts a person to protect oneself when it senses something it fears. When couples use their intellect, and deduction along with psychoanalysis to determine love, it could be a bit disappointing. I do agree with Horney. Horney has touched some points, like trust and mistrust, confused emotions start from childhood. Love and power are mixed together and used to control relationships. It’s all a part of the power men want to have to dominate women.

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