Paleolithica's Influence On The Aztecs

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The Agricultural Revolution changes the society from eating a Paleolithic diet to eating cultivated foods. Paleolithic diet: includes gathering and hunting foods, like meat and berries. Cultivated foods are ones that they had to learn to grow. The understanding and expertise of cultivating food promoted advancement of human society, meaning that cultures were able to last longer and better. More food made larger populations possible. Larger populations caused larger villages, which combined into real cities. A true city had real power, including alliances, bargaining, and trading. The Aztecs originated as a group of nomadic hunters who arrived in Mesoamerica looking for food. Eventually, they built a large, beautiful and powerful city on This helped provide stability, and allowed the empire to thrive. They had elaborate coronation ceremonies and a social hierarchy. Tenochtitlán had an amazingly intricate system of canals and causeways that supplied the hundreds of thousands of people who lived there. It’s buildings and agricultural system amazed any outsider who saw it. Aztecs are most famous for maize. It can be stored for long periods of time, which makes it valuable as a future safety net, and it can be used in many forms, which we still utilize today. One of the greatest Aztec developments were the Chinampa. These were floating mud mads that acted as soil for gardens. They floated in the swamps, which were extremely fertile. This allowed for many harvests per year. At the top of this government was the royal family, headed by a king. They had a hierarchy throughout the land, and maintained control through the use of their army. Incas invented the foot plow, which enabled them to grow tremendous amounts of extra food. They developed the concept of warehousing food for a later date. The Incas developed an amazing tax system. Instead of money, the people were taxed by labor. They had to work for the empire as

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