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PER REPORTER: Pacey said Andaija reported to her allegations regarding her foster parent’s son (Jaquarius) making sexual advances towards her. According to Andaija, Jaquarius touched her on her breast, tried to get her to look at his private area, and grabbing her inappropriately trying to make her sit in his lap. Andaija said this situation has been going on since the second week of her being in the family’s home. Andaija said she reported the allegations to an adoption specialist; which resulted in the lady asking her if anyone in the home was hitting her and when she said no nothing was done about the situation. Pacey said she is not sure if there have ever been any witnesses around during the time of Jaquarius’s behavior towards Andjaija. …show more content…

Pacey said according to Andaija, Jaruarius behaves inappropriately towards her while they are playing hide and seek most times. Pacey also mentioned that Andaija seems to be afraid of Jaruarius as a result of his behavior towards her. It is unknown when the situation last occurred or if the child has been taken to the doctor to be examined for sexual abuse. Pacey said Andaija has threatened to commit suicide before one reason being because of the way Jaquarius has been treating her. Pacey said Andaija did not report having a plan as to how she was going to commit suicide, but she said the child was taken to Alliance Health Care a few weeks ago. According to Andaija, after she returned from Alliance Health Care Mrs. Jackson only gave her the medication she is supposed to take once after supper twice since she has been back. Pacey said she is not sure what type of medication the child is supposed to be taking or if she has been diagnosed with anything. However, Pacey said she believes the child has been back from Alliance Health Care since November 13 or 14. Pacey also said Andaija does not want to return to her foster parents

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  • Explains that andaija reported her allegations regarding her foster parent's son (jaquarius) making sexual advances towards her.
  • Explains that andaija seems to be afraid of jaruarius as a result of his behavior towards her.
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