Rosslynn Case Study

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When asked about her sexual history and sexual knowledge, Rosslynn appeared to be very uncomfortable discussing her inappropriate sexual behavior with the undersigned and having her mother present. The mother was asked to leave the interview to allow the youth to feel more comfortable discussing her sexual history. During the interview Rosslynn, reported her stepbrother, Robert had spoken to her in regards to having sex. She noted both she and her stepbrother later went into his room, he pulled his pants down and she took her pants off. According to Rosslynn, she allowed Robert to get on top of her. She stated that his penis touched her vagina. Rosslynn noted after the inappropriate sexual behavior had taken place, they both went outside to play. She denied any …show more content…

Ziegler noted she does not suspect Rosslynn was sexually abused or was exposed to sexual acts in the past. She related at home, Rosslynn does not have has access to television channels, which may have sexual content, as they supervise what Rosslynn watches on television. Mr. Ziegler, reported that Rosslynn cannot change the channel on the television because he keeps the remote control and only put television on age appropriate contents. Mrs. Ziegler also related Rosslynn has a cellphone that has Internet access, but noted her services has been terminated. She noted that there is internet in the home, but denied the youth has access because of being password protected. Mrs. Ziegler acknowledged the youth has witnessed her aunt engaging in sexual behaviors. She confirmed Rosslynn was exposed to adults engaging in sexual activity while living in Ohio. She reported the youth’s aunt would have the child sleeping in her bedroom while engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners. Mrs. Ziegler denied the youth is currently in a romantic relationship. The parents noted she is comfortable with the therapist discussing age appropriate sexual issues with Rosslynn as she wishes to address her sexual

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