Outsourcing Essay

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When a businessman asked someone to drive his car and pay for him this does not mean that he cannot drive but he prefer to save time and finish some work while he is in the car. This way of thinking and acting with problems is an important process in the economy that called outsourcing. Outsourcing is a new process in the market has been used recently to help the firms getting work done more completely. This process can be defined as shifting work from one company to another or from one country to another. And to simplify it is the action of moving the work to a foreign agent. Firms in the market tend to save their time, money and resources, so this process gives them the cheaper, faster and better way of doing their work. In fact some of the poor countries in the world like South African countries that do not have enough sources to produce goods or even a good land for agriculture find this new affective way to improve their economy and develop jobs for their citizens. Does everyone agree with the idea of outsourcing? Each one has his or her opinion about the profits and damages of ...

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