Outsourcing Information Security Consultants

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Introduction Outsourcing is a technique for companies to reassign specific responsibilities to external entities. There are several motivations for outsourcing including organizational, improvement, cost, and revenue advantages (Ghodeswar & Vaidyanathan, 2008). The assignment research objectives were (a) to gain insight into securing strategic partnerships in the information technology (IT) arena; (b) to understand the choices made to reduce information and security risks by exploring the different outsourcing techniques, and; (c) to understand how business process associated with outsourcing will stimulate awareness on how the process is interlinked with human behaviors. The topics covered include an evaluation of the specifications of information security consultants to become strategic partners assisting in the reduction of information or security risks, an examination of four factors that were omitted in the specifications that add value to the selection process, and an explanation of the value of the four factors. Specifications Information Security (INFOSEC) consultants help client companies through strategic partnerships (Ghodeswar & Vaidyanathan, 2008). A short review of United States outsourcing creates a prospective baseline for outsourcing endeavors of private institutions (Ghodeswar & Vaidyanathan, 2008). Despite the fact that the vendor has accountability and duties (detailed in the statement of work), the client is predominantly in charge of supervising strategic partnerships (Ghodeswar & Vaidyanathan, 2008). Evaluate the Specifications of Information Security Consultants (vendors) to Become a Strategic Partner Assisting in the Reduction of Information or Security Risks Due to economic demands... ... middle of paper ... ...e of practice for information security management (1st ed.). Geneva, Switzerland: ISO/IEC. ITGI. (2012). COBIT 5.0. Rolling Meadows: ISACA. Marquis, K. (2011). Insourcing and outsourcing for U.S. Department of Defense IT projects: A model (Tech.). Retrieved http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a549027.pdf Ray, M., & Ramaswamy, P. (2007). GTAG: Information Technology Outsourcing (Vol. 7). Altamonte Springs, Florida: The IIA. Reinhard, J. (2012). IT Governance Integration. Internal Auditor, 69(4), 51-54. Rossiter, C. (2011). How internal audit adds value to the governance process. Protiviti, Inc. Retrieved from http://www.protiviticonsulting.com/en-US/Pages/How-Internal-Audit- Adds-Value-to-the-Governance-Process.aspx Tutorialpoint. (2014). Statement of work. Tutorialpoint. Retrieved from http://www.tutorialspoint.com/management_concepts/statement_of_work.htm

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