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Mooncore Telescopes (a fictional company) manufacturers telescopes for the amateur astronomer. The company wanted to improve organization effectiveness by creating the next generation telescope that could fit the needs of the amateur and professional astronomer alike. The goal was to use the latest technology available to create a telescope with an unimaginable viewing of space. In order motivate employees and get in harmony with the vision the company decided to use a strategy called “stretch goals.” Stretch goals involve going far beyond the current levels being achieved, to the point that employees lack a clear understanding of how to reach the goal. In fact, employees usually react with considerable incredulity when approached with the idea of stretch goals.
According to Kerr, S., and Landauer, S. (2004), organizations are motivated to use stretch goals for two primary purposes. First, purpose is to improve the organizations effectiveness, and the second is to improve on personal growth and professional development. Stretch goals to be effective must be implemented carefully. If the stretch goal appears impossible to reach or credit is not given to employees for, progressing toward the goal the organization could result in demotivating employees and worst the organization could see disappointing results. However, easy goals are also demotivating and unproductive. Therefore, it is critical that stretch goals when assigned appear to be difficult and challenging, yet attainable.
Because stretch goals are so difficult to reach, the organization needed to address the issue of how to respond to failure when employees did not reach the stretch goal. Jack Welch ex-CEO of General Electric was in a similar situation in which GE fo...

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...ld interview or observe them, have them become the trainers for your new hires.
Improve processes and remove barriers
Ask employees on how the process could be streamlined and remove any steps not required. Remove all bureaucracy from the process and ask how to improve productivity.
Celebrate and reward
Finally, celebrate the accomplishments and reward those who have performed relentlessly to toward attaining the stretch goal (Zenger, 2009).

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