Essay On Organizational Change Management

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(OCM) Goals and Techniques

Ann Nguyen

The goal of organizational change management is to create a prosperous work environment through strategic change and applying those changes through the people side of management. Organizational change management is a branch of handling the outcome and strategies of new business processes, changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within a company. There are multiple components in understanding the techniques and goals of Organizational change management. The first part discussed will be on setting goals for an organization as it can be a complex process because if aimed too high, the goals will most likely not be attained and performance will deteriorate.

In order for organizational change management to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, it is important for organization to frequently figure out the need for introducing changes. Since organizational change management is more focused on the people side of management, one can decide how the goals will influence the person in reaching their greatest potential within an organization. So there are techniques that can be applied by simply making a chart, such as focusing on the possibilities of: 1) Directing one’s attention 2) Regulating one’s effort 3) Increasing one’s persistence 4) Encouraging the development of goal-attainment strategies or action plans. Using an approach like this might increase task performance making goal expectations more realistic.

From information gathering and research, organizational change management is similar in a way that psychology explores people’s behaviors in the workplace by creating theories and set of principles to compliant with the o...

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... in. The best technique to involve a turning point is to prepare a team of management experts like a communications or document specialist to lead into the new variations by communicating the goals and techniques of the company’s new changes. Organizational change management might also give operational support which is initially going to decrease any common risks of a transformation.

It is important to identify some of the problems an organization may have and go in and analyze them. There are many techniques that can be approached to help gain businesses people side of management like improving rapid response to customer service needs, low employee output, and costs. Change is not easy for some people, so making sure employees understand why change is needed helps people to become more aware and have the time to adjust or process those changes.
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