To What Extent Does Personality Predict Employee Performance?

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To what extent does personality predicts employee performance? Introduction The spirit of trait approaches in organization performance is an idea that employees own stable personality characteristic that meaningfully influence their attitudes towards, and social reactions to, organizational backgrounds. People with specific traits tent to be moderately consistent in their attitudes and conduct over time and across condition. Managers seem to inherit a strong trust in the authority of personality traits to forecast behavior at the work area. If managers thought that situations resolute behavior, they would hire individuals almost at random and assemble the situation correctly. But the employee selection procedure in most establishments places a great deal of importance on how applicants achieve in interviews and on examine through which the personality of a person can be achieved and the task distribution can be much easy varying upon the type of personality (Robbins, Odendaal and Roodt, 2001) Cognitively, these behaviors may influence how individuals understand the characteristics of their jobs, as is the situation when individuals with optimistic core self-evaluation understand intrinsic job features more completely, even controlling for real job complexity. Affectively, these personalities might stimulate job satisfaction through their outcome on mood or mood at the organization. Lastly, employees who are emotionally steady, extroverted and conscientious may be better-off at work because they are more possible to achieve sustaining results at work. Part of this outcome may operate through job presentation, such that conscientious employees achieve better and are more content with their jobs because of the intrinsic ... ... middle of paper ... ... 2nd edition. US: Psychology Press Krausert, A (2008). “Performance Management for Different Employee Groups”. Germany: Physica-Verlag. 178. McQuerrey, L. (2014). "How Personality Affect Workplace". Available: Last accessed 19th February 2014. Mishra, M. (2009). “Organizational Behavior”. 2nd ed. India: Vikas Publisher. 90-114. Murnoe, S. (2014). "How Personality Affect Work Behavior". Available: Last accessed 18th February, 2014. Robbins, S., Odendaal, A. and Roodt, A. (2007). “Organizational Behaviour: Global and Sothern African Prospect”. 7th edition. South Africa: Pearson Education. Schinder, B and Smith, B. (2004). “Personality and Organisation”. US: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
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